Dating Tips with Twon | Awkward Puppets

>> TWON: Yo, what up? It's your boy Twon here Um

dating It can be complicated these days I’m here to help all you men out, because me, I am a romantic mother [BLEEP]

You know what I'm saying? I’m gonna tell you all the thing you can do to impress your [BLEEP] I meanI mean impress your girl

Number 1 Instead of watching that romantic bull [BLEEP], The Notebook, put some funny in Like the movie Friday

That [BLEEP] will have you laughing all night That [BLEEP] is hilarious [TWON LAUGHING] You got knocked the [BLEEP] out! And by the way ladies If I use the word [BLEEP], please don’t be offended, okay? You gotta understand [BLEEP] is [BLEEP] and [BLEEP] is [BLEEP] Alright Moving on Number 2 Every woman likes a fancy restaurant, so bring her somewhere she’ll never forget On Wednesdays everything is 20% off here I don’t usually tell people that, but I love you So, order some cheap [BLEEP]

Number 3 If you see your girl talking to another guy, just be cool Don’t freak out or cause a scene

All you gotta do is take a deep breath Then shoot that mother [BLEEP] [GUN SHOT] Number 4

[BLEEP] love roses I don't know what it is It's like someone decided one day

How do we make a plant that makes [BLEEP] want to smash and makes guys more poor? I got it! Roses! [LAUGHS] Excuse me, how much are these roses? Eighty dollars? What the [BLEEP], these roses cure cancer? Number 5 Tell your girl she's beautiful, tell her all time even if she's wearing no make-up and looks like the incredible hulk You tell her anyway and she'll appreciate and she’ll love you even more [BLEEP] You're beautiful Number 6

Don’t be afraid to fall in love! Put your guard down you’re a human being! Embrace that [BLEEP] I remember the first time I fell in love It was [BLEEP] magical

[MUSIC] I'm gonna smash that [BLEEP] Raw Number 7 Last but not least, don’t cheat on your girl Okay? It's not worth it I’ve never cheated a day in my life [SNICKERS] Hopefully my tips have helped you gentleman out The same way my tip helped you ladies out

You know what I'm saying? Umcut that last part out, it was kind of [BLEEP] up I’ve also been divorced about 14 times, so I don’t know what the [BLEEP] I’m talking about

Uh I'm out Peace

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