Dating Idea Tips – Vlog Day 1

Hey guys, welcome to my first V log This is something I decided to just to change up and mix things up

To be honest, for the past year and a half I haven't been happy with what's been going on in my life I'm not depressed or anything it's just that I just feel it's been mundane I've been doing YouTube Gaming "Walkthroughs" and "Let's Plays" for over five years, since 2012 February 12, 2012 and it just been the same thing every single year where I play every brand new game that comes out and it's just very stressful and there's nothing new to it I just like I need something different and I decide, "you know what?" How about I just V log all my adventures and kind of change things up and there's a downside to it You know, there's like

I would planing to livestream today and play with my fans, you know, do play the subs but, I'm just I'm not motivated to do that as much anymore and I needed something different

I'm still planning do that, just not frequently I don't really enjoy it as I used to So, I was like, "you know, I just need something to change" but I will still keep doing that when I feel like a more emotionally stable and better for it This is my new Superman picture I got a couple weeks ago at WonderCon It cost seventeen hundred I got it for nine hundred since it was the last day walk out the door

I've been going bed looking at looking at that before I go to sleep I know I am weird right? Anyways, so, I'm going to tell you about how my weeks been so far and what we're going to do today So, I will do apartment tour in a little bit but first where I'm going to show you a place, where

it's a great place in Orange County where you kind of overlook and it's a great view and ocean and lighting It's a great place for a date or end the date off, or for a little hike So, it's going to do some little adventurous today

So, I'll go ahead and fill you guys in while I'm in the car Alright, don't worry guys I've got both hands on the wheel

So, we're all good So, we're going to get some coffee first I'd like to get iced coffee before we go It's about 85 degrees today in Southern California Orange County It's beautiful, a little warm, but so I'm going to need something cool me off a little bit but so my past weekend has been this week has been crazy like like on Wednesday I wanted to die It's like I was like I have the points I'm going to quit YouTube I'm gonna quit everything I don't want to do anything anymore of my life It was that stressful! So, this past weekend, not this weekend, put the past one, I went to Utah and visited a girl that I'm seeing for three days So, three days for a trip with someone is a lot, but was actually great a lot of fun times, you know

And, part of that it's like meeting parents that's all like the third date and you're like meeting the whole family and stuff but went well You know, and it went really well The thing is like when I got back my flight got delayed on Monday for like nine hours and the thing is, I missed out on a lot opportunities So, "Outlast 2" came out, I had the game for several weeks and I finished it before I left to Utah The Monday, at 12 p

m embaro and you know I usually like to do a pre stream hype, where, you know, it's a couple hours A huge countdown where a lot of people come and it's enjoyable and the thing is, my flight got delayed So, I couldn't do that People broke the embargo where, Sony PlayStation Australia released a game like 16 hours early because it was, like, Tuesday for them

So, a lot of people were breaking embargo, streaming and we're all being asked to hold onto it So, I told missed out on the "Outlast 2" train Which is kind of de-moralizing since that's one of your big games and one things that suppose do well on your channel Then, I had a game and then the Walking Dead I had to miss out on that same situation because you know flight delayed Then, Tuesday I had "Sniper Ghost Warrior" we had to finish for a sponsored deal

Then, Wednesday I had to finish the game for sponsor deal Then, the "Call Of Duty" world premiere trailer for "World War II" came out So, basically I was working forty hours in a span of three days and I was just so sick of it after all that Then Thursday came around and then we had injustice "Injustice 2" came out now it's like okay I'll just go to LA

It's another work, get it done, get that exclusive footage However, I bumped into one of my friends I met south by Southwest and we just caught up We we were playing next to each other It was so much fun! I met the marketing person for Wonder Woman

So, hopefully I can get early screening that and I'm a huge Wonder Woman guy so I'm excited about that Thursday So, Thursday was good I had fun met new people It was just such a blast! Then Friday came along, I met my friend and his wife for a dinner, and just had a blast with the kid and just catching up It's like one of my social aspects of my life that I get to enjoy Judah What are you doing? I want I want to see Superman be underneath these glasses Yeah he wears the Batman pajamas, so, this might be a rivalry

OK, I need to fix this! Uh oh I am going to get you Superman pajamas Right? Would you like Superman pajamas?

I like Batman, my dad gave me Batman! Look at him you want your business good for the hockey all right we're heading up so far (music) Alright, we are heading up this place is uh you overlook a hill on one sides of beach on the other side is the city and it is quite beautiful that you can see during the day and night you can see all the beach houses up there

The roads start going uphill Alright, so here is one side of the hill, the view, sorry, it is a little bit windy So, you can just see the houses on top of hill oh the ocean

It's quite beautiful, we might stop down there for a little bit, to check out the beach So, this is one of the easier hikes I like to do

But, it's great for a dating tip for guys Hiking is not bad Usually, most girls like going outdoors and where you can actually talk for a little bit So, in the conversation we're not (too windy to hear) Sorry, for the wind You have a nice nature view Who doesn't like nature? Who knows, in another 50 years we might not have nature anymore Something nice to do Also a nice quiet place to kind of relax and meditate

yourself Okay, so, here's the city view over here When it's at nighttime you can imagine all those houses are lit up and one of the most gorgeous views of where you can see itThis is a nighttime view on the opposite side of the hill if you turn around into the ocean side at night (Music) "Time goes by, I've been holding everything inside, well now I've got nothing left to hide, when I'm with you oh you I believe in starting over, I can see that your heart is true I can see good things coming back to you You can let the lips be higher So, plain it's coming through I believe in you Alright, so, I'm finally home and I'm gonna get my grub on and have myself some Vietnamese Phu One the classic ones, and some iced coffee to go with it and I'll be getting ready to stream sometime later today with my fans So, I got something funny to show you

So, I got like my Amazon stuff right? My Amazon package today, but somehow, they gave me something I did not order and it's kind of weird Hang on, let me set you down for a second Uh oh, don't fall Okay So they got me a woman's bathing suit like

a woman's bathing suit and I did not order that at all! So, (ha ha ha) Look you can see although you guys can see the screen but you can see there it says, no where, it says "woman's clothing" and they gave me women's clothing So yeah

Hey, what's going on everyone? NukemDukem here How's everyone doing this weekend? Fine Saturday So, today's the weekend and I decided to go ahead and play with some fans

So, we're going to do ps4 first and then we'll switch to PC Hey, happy anniversary Sebastian five months anniversary, dude! Can we get a Nukem cheer for Sebastian? Hashtag Sebastian YouTube chat, thank you so much for your five months of love and support on Twitch dude appreciate it, I'm glad you "I'm glad to be in this community

" I am glad you are here too man always good to see you Hey, Ty, what's going on man? It's good to see all of you guys Alright, go ahead and send me an invite Al We got another sub Matty's 15 three months happy 15 months

no three-month anniversary, can we get a "Nukem Cheer" for Maddie at 15 in the choice and hashtag Maddie and YouTube chat thank you so much, dude Alright guys, I've had a lot of fun playing with all you Twitch subs and all you YouTube sponsors

I'll probably do it again sometime I'll play probably play again tomorrow Play a little bit more serious but I had fun You guys have fun Oh there's Xactimate subscription Thank you guys so much that's fine I'll see you guys sometime probably tomorrow Alright? Thanks for watchingokay Hey guys, so, that would be the first V log It was my first attempt on official V log channel So, if you are interested just follow my life and see what's going on in a different perspective of me I'll put in the description and you guys can just subscribe to that channel and you have to enable the notification setting as well, So you guys are updated

I'll try to do every other day If you have any suggestions leave in the comments and then that just watch the rest on that channel Alright guys, have a good one Bye

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