Dating and Depression Tips Part 1

in this video I want to talk about dating and depression helping with the content creation and the animation in this video is health Chronicle a new animation channel with over 30 experts dedicated to weekly videos on topics like the science of blue lights wave protein in the connection of foods and moods so check them out in the description if you enjoy this video the depression and dating what can you do if you or your partner is suffering from depression dating a partner with depression or suffering from depressing yourself doesn't mean that your love life is over but it does mean you need to approach dating in a slightly different way first you should be aware that love is a chemical cocktail now most people consciously want to base the relationship on trust shared interests respect and perhaps even emotional security the first throes of love can feel like a wild roller coaster ride when you meet someone you want to date it's hard enough to navigate the chemical changes that love brings you forea devastation hope lust jealousy throwing all that into the chemical stew going on in your body when you're depressed is like throwing gasoline on a fire unless you follow these 15 tips for dating when you or a loved one is depressed let's start with tips for your own depression 1 if you're a guy surround yourself with other guys before trying to date a girl guys bond differently than women you don't have to look deep into a guy's eyes and worry about making a good impression most guys are happy to shoot the breeze about sports their families their jobs even trade jock itch stories women expect a different kind of communication though they love confidence in humor they also want someone to whom they can reveal their deeper emotional selves when you wake up every morning practice good mental hygiene you brush your teeth every day you take a shower but do you ever check in with your thoughts first thing before you even roll out of bed name three things that you're grateful for studies have shown that this practice shifts your mindset into a more positive tone here's an example I'm thankful for coffee Robert Downey jr and making someone smile at the drive-thru it's that simple after you've done this for many mornings consecutively you'll start to notice that your day starts in a more positive way and the effects of a positive mindset translates into everything you do including your dating life tip number three is one of the best cures for depression is staying occupied basically staying busy this makes it difficult for your mind to ruminate on things that worry you or stress you out if you've just gone through a breakup or a divorce and are trying to date again but find yourself analyzing a relationship to death stop go on a date with someone and do something active instead hike to a mountaintop and revel at the breathtaking view ride your bikes to a local ice cream shop and share scoop take a trip to a dude ranch or learn how to skydive just doing something different will keep your mind occupied stave off depression and help you bond with someone new tip number four is that depression can be lessened by learning new things so find a new hobby to dig into learn to play a new musical instrument or check out one of the millions of DIY projects available on the Internet psychologically sometimes we get depressed because our brains want to ruminate on past emotional traumas give the brain something new to learn and heck even try it with someone you want to date 5 make your bed when we're depressed just getting out of bed can seem impossible if you just take the effort to get up and make your bed with no other commitment for the day you may find yourself thinking wow making my bed wasn't that hard maybe other things aren't as difficult as I've imagined them to be this can build into a habit that helps to reduce procrastination and also makes your home a neater more welcoming space where possible dates would actually like to hang out so for the other 4 tips on your own depression plus another 5 tips if someone you are dating has depression check out the video I animated on health chronicles channel again a huge shout out to health Chronicle for helping with the content creation and amazing animation of this video I really love their style check them out in the description or watch part two here thanks for watching

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