7 Online Dating Tips For Women (Tricks to Make a Guy Interested)

– Now online dating should not be called online dating It should be called online chatting, in order to find an offline relationship

But that doesn't sound as good, does it? But seriously, when you're online dating, don't allow yourself to fall into an online relationship Because if you're actually dating guys that you've only met online and you haven't met them in real life, you are putting yourself at serious, emotional risk And ultimately, you're missing the point in all of this, which is to get a relationship in the real world So here's some online dating tips and tricks to really make guys interested in you so you can have that amazing offline relationship that you truly deserve You sexy, single lady, keep watching

(light music) Now I have no plans on boring you with any basics of online dating Because chances are if you've done any type of online dating you know about getting a good picture and at least writing the basics in your profile So really this video is gonna be teaching you some tips and tricks that you probably haven't heard before or even thought about Number one, for you sexy, single ladies is for you to go ahead and message guys But keep it quick and short

There are a lot of women out there who feel like when you're interacting with men online it's the same as interacting with men offline You think you're just gonna sit back, waiting for him to come to you and if he doesn't come to you, well (beeping) him The key with meeting people online is that you can't just sit back You need to take the initiative and take that initiative to go out and talk to people And it doesn't have to be like a long message

It doesn't have to be a long paragraph of things that you saw on his profile It could be as simple as, "hey there!" It could be very simple but just by the fact that you are messaging him, you're giving him just that little bit of bait that he can bite onto, he'll respond to you back And if you do want a little bit of practice of getting out there and messaging guys and not necessarily doing it for online dating, then you can actually check out the Meet Me app that you can find in your iTunes store And by the way this video is sponsored by them so definitely go ahead, check it out, click that link in the description It really helps support the channel

Number two is that if you do meet them offline and in the real world, make sure they come to you Now I definitely don't want to know where you live or anything like that but make it convenient for yourself Make it so that he has to come to you Don't travel 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour to go see some guy that you met online Have him come closer to where you live

Again, don't give him any specific information on where you live, but at least make online dating convenient for you And if he's not willing to drive, then screw him He's not good enough for you Number three is always assume that he's at least 50% less attractive than his picture portrays online Remember, with online dating, people are putting their absolute best picture that they could ever find that's ever been taken of them

They'll put it online so that people will talk to them But what does that mean? It means that in all likelihood, he's probably not as attractive as that picture is and quite frankly, I'm sure you've done the same, putting your best picture up there for the world to see because of course, you wanna get messaged But the reality is when and if you do meet that person offline, you want to kinda set your expectations a little bit and realize that you know, what matters most is that you have chemistry with one another and don't expect to see that person that you saw on that picture, because in all likelihood they'll look very different Number four is make sure to use that block button anytime a guy is being rude to you, sending you ridiculous pictures or anything like that on any apps that you use or any online dating site Don't let those guys who are being a little bit sketchy or being rude, don't let them turn you off from online dating all together

Online dating can be amazing and you do have an opportunity to meet a lot of great guys But unfortunately there are gonna be some sketch balls along the way At any time you get the feeling that a guy is a little bit sketchy or a little bit off, use your intuition and block that dude out of your life forever Number five, prequalify him before the date This is a strategy that a lot of my clients use when they are starting to get out there and date again

They put up a profile They'll have a little bit of conversation online but then as they decide that, "yeah I would be willing to meet this guy offline" they tell him specifically to give them a call And by having him go ahead and take that step to calling you means that he's really investing more time and more energy into this date and if he's not willing to call you then you know what, not worth your time meeting him in real life This is prequalifying him because you are qualifying him before the date Number six is remember: A first online date is not a date

It's just a meet up I've noticed with online dating and a lot of my clients, they'll go on and online date if it's their first time and meet someone and then they'll get all bummed out if they don't get a second date But what I'll always tell them is you have to treat a first online date as if it was just meeting someone out at a bar, out at a restaurant, anywhere, and just treat it that way, right? And if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out It's not a big deal It's not until that person meets you, spends time with you and interacts with you and then decides to see you again, really, that next time is when it's a real date, okay? So don't put so much pressure on yourself into thinking that you know what you're a failure, you've been rejected if it doesn't work out on that first online meetup

Don't forget that, okay? Number seven, prepare like a funny story or something to respond to when he asks you, "how was your day?" Chances are when you meet someone online, the first thing that they're like to ask you is, "oh, how was your day?" It's pretty natural, right? And because so many studies show that within the first 10-15 minutes, we are all deciding whether or not a date is gonna work out you really want to have your best foot forward on this 10-15 minutes So you wanna have prepared a really funny story or something interesting to you that happened to you during that day Maybe tell a story that happened to you at work or something that happened to you leaving work, on the way to the date, just have something in mind You know what, if nothing interesting happened to you today, you can also borrow a story something that happened to you even a month ago It's okay, no one's telling

So there you have it, there are the seven online dating tips and tricks that you can use this year to meet amazing men So I wanna ask you: have you ever used any of these tips or tricks in the past and have they worked out? And also please comment below if you have any other tips and tricks to be able to get back out there and meet new guys Share this with this amazing community of women that we have as part of Sexy Confidence Share that information Be a part of the community

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